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Each visitor of the website is able to use the information on the site and answer necessary questions in the registration and/or service application form.
By agreeing to this policy, you confirm that you authorize the administrator and authorized personnel to process, store, use, systematize, and utilize your personal data, and that you are of legal age.

The personal information provided by you on the website during registration is used solely for your benefit, in order for us to cater to your needs when providing services. Such information is not transferred or provided to third parties, except in cases provided by law. Your data is necessary for personal communication, conducting mailings, news, useful information, and commercial offers. This information is stored on secure servers and used in accordance with its privacy policy. If necessary, you can unsubscribe from mailings at any time by deleting your contact information from our database. Each email you receive contains a special link that you need to click to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Methods of protecting personal data: To protect your personal information provided on our website, we use various security measures: administrative, technical, and managerial. We also follow various international control standards aimed at working with personal information.

If this privacy policy is changed, you will be able to learn about it by reading the information on this page or, in special cases, a notification email will be sent to your email address.

The user confirms their agreement that the Administrator and authorized persons have the right to interact with the user by making direct contacts using various means of communication, including but not limited to: mailing lists, email, the Internet, and others.

Personal data may be provided by the User themselves or may be collected automatically by the website during its use. Unless otherwise specified, the website uses "cookies" (or other tracking tools) to identify Users and remember their set global settings solely for the purpose of providing the service required by the User.

The Administrator takes all measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data and the use of personal data obtained during registration or other means mentioned above when using this website. We strive to protect your personal data, but we cannot guarantee the security of information you transmit to us, and therefore urge you to take all available precautions to protect your personal data on the Internet. To do this, change passwords frequently, use combinations of letters and numbers, and use a secure browser.

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